The 4 of us started our little van adventure back on December 18, 2017 when we picked up our 1st van “Vanessa”.  Shortly after our townhouse of 10 years was sold and we suddenly became full time van dwellers.  We ended up getting another van “Zach” April 8, 2018 to be used as our daily driver and garage for bicycles and sports equipment.  As 2018 was coming to an end we picked up “Chariot” aka “big boy” to get to ready to transition to just the 3 of us, while the oldest child was to start college.  Early 2019 we decided to move the Philippines.  We had 3 vans and we were moving out of country!? What to do with the vans?  2 of them became rentals.  It was good venture so we bought a 4th van “VanDoIt”.  Then came 2020, the pandemic.  2021 “VanDoIt” was traded for “El Dorado”.  The new year will be the year of the tiny house.

Follow along on our adventures…..