it’s been top of mind somewhat but what do we do with uh-oh, our cat?

both kids were pretty adamant about keeping her. to quote little teren, “she’s part of our family.”


well, for one…the cat box. no need for further explanation here.

second, she could potentially rip up the upholstery and that would be horrible.

third, will she be happy?


living out of your van, not living in your van….

yesterday watched this video cause i wanted to get a non pro perspective on van life.  “Living in your van sucks”  click bait..haha

this guy broke it down:  1)you should live out of your van, like use it like a bedroom to sleep, don’t always be in it, explore, don’t live in your van 2) if your sad, angry, lonely, etc at your house…you will be too in the van 3)go out and talk to people

talked to a couple of about possibly parking at their driveways.  most were cool with it.  fel was getting into it! got lots questions about it.  one guy said it’s too small, i think he is trying to size it for his family.

sales guys are calling\emailing about RVs.  loan people said they would let me know in 1-2 business days.  once that is set the process can really start.

last night sold some jordan’s on ebay in like 7 minutes.  i probably under priced them.  but hey i bought them in 2004 for $100, wore them 3-4 times, then sold them 13 years later for $86….not too shabby.

today.  talked to my parents about the RV.  my dad was cool with it, my mom wasn’t too jazzed.  i called to ask her if she wanted me to sell my grandma’s gogi dolls.  after talking to her about the “stuff” mentality we decided she could get one doll instead of all 7.

biked to work feeling good, said good morning to a bunch of people.  sang songs out loud.   ran into my teammate and he is getting ready to retire next month.  must be nice!