Update on the RV

Internet is crazy like that. I had been reaching out to dealers via RVtrader.com. Some were motivated to communicate and try to sell.  Some no response, those folks probably don’t like making money.  A guy told me he didn’t have any but would have one at the beginning of January.  The build sheet on it checked all the boxes except for the trifold couch.  Almie shot this one down. Then searched continued. Friday night I saw a post on FBs Leisure Travel Van (LVT) selling group. A dealer, Nanci, posted they had one in St. Loius. It ticked all the boxes!  I messaged her via FB messenger. She got back to me Saturday morning but I could not talk. I went to Jason’s house to strip my cross bike and trade back the frame for a mtb frame.  Told her I would call her after. So I get done with bike stuff and I called.  We talk and all is well. She said if I want it I should let her know and we would need to put down a card. I talk to Almie and it ticks all the boxes, except cabinets are not dark wood.  We can live that.  So an RV is pretty much reserved.  They have a fly and buy program, they will reimburse me for a flight to pick it up. Show us how to use it and make us camp in it before we leave so we know how use it.  Now logistics planning to St Louis will begin after Monday when we make it official with the dealer.  Well maybe not, Nanci will check to see if the coach coming to Vegas has the trifold.  Usually when these get ordered they put in all the bells and whistles.  Turns out they both work for the same dealership, WagonTrailRV out of Vegas.

Almie is in San Diego for Thanksgiving and to meet her new nephew.  She told her mom about this RV living and she was totally down with it. She even went outside and started measuring to see if it would fit thru the backyard gate and awning thing.