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st louis missouri

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it’s confirmed, we are picking up from st. louis. per google maps, it’s a 31 hour drive, the road trip planning is in motion and we are ready!

down payment has been processed, paperwork filled out, insurance squared away and now just waiting on the financing. this is real life and it’s happening.

i know there are other important and maybe pressing things to worry about but you know what’s been on my mind since about 8am this morning? what we are going to name our home?

sharing the news

it’s been well received by most our friends and family.

i told my mom about it the other day and she was all for it and actually excited for us. i mean, she went outside to measure the side yard awning to see if our future home would fit. love her.

i’m pretty amazed by the amount of folks we know who have opened up their driveways, street and home lots to us. more recently, we were offered the use of a sewer trap that was installed at a friends house before she bought it, talk about thoughtful!




no turning back

as you may have read in terence’s earlier post, we put payment down for a 2018 serenity.

we find out more today if our road trip will be vegas to seattle or st. louis to seattle. of course, the preference would be vegas but with the way (as we are finding out) these things are ordered and built, time is of the essence and i’d be okay with either. the serenity that is in st. louis is built exactly to our specifications, the one in vegas was ordered without the trifold bed, which was a definite requirement, no exceptions. the dealer is checking today to confirm. exciting.

when terence first reached out to one of the leisure van dealers, he was given a quote of about 10 months to have one ordered and built, 10 months would be too long. we found a few used ones that had 1 or 2 items not on our required checklist, those were no-gos. so when the 2018 serenity popped up (original buyer backed out) we took it as a sign, and went for it.