Stuff is flying out the door

Thanksgiving was cool at my sisters house. Rode bikes in the morning and left the after ride party early to hurry her house, cooking of the food was two hours late! Told my sisters about RVing, Jessica was totally down with it.

Friday went to work for a few hours and made a trip to Value Village to donate some stuff. Put up some stuff in buynothing. I swore I wouldn’t because two people lagged on picking stuff up. But I can’t let some bad apples ruin it for all. Most notably I gifted a guitar that I had since high school. That cut a little bit, but I haven’t played it for 3-5 years, can’t even remember.

Today Saturday, got up early to take Tara to DMV to get her permit. Turns out she can’t get till 10 days from her driving school class. Hit her up to possibly contribute to to the blog. She wants to “pimp” it out. Hit up McDonald then dropped stuff off at goodwill. Napped and then more riding bikes. Today after riding I went to work left my bike in the bike cage and showered. While I love that bike, I am transitioning to not being attached to it. It will live in my bike cage at work and I will learn to get it when I go hit the dirt. It will make bike commuting to work non existent. I have insurance, if it gets stolen it can be replaced, it is after all just stuff.

Almie and Teren will be back early from their SD trip. Can’t wait.

eBay items getting bidders. I think I’m going to list more stuff on there.

Sad it to see this go.

Shirt from OverStand, definitely brings back memories.

A couple of the many many bike/runt events. A shoebox full of numbers and medals. But I took pictures of all of them.

I think this was my fathers, from the 70s.