Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world

So back in 2000 I started an eBay account. About a year later I started buying up GI Joes Real American Hero. I wanted my childhood back. Especially since I just helped create my 1st child. These action: figures, dolls, brought me back to a time playing with my buddy Jessie, Kenny the midget, Gabriel the neighbor who liked Star Wars who had an autistic brother (before we even knew that term), my cousin and his he-man collection, going to NEX and Sears to looks at Joes, that time when my parents bought me a terror dome and mamba helicopter for Christmas, those cartons, ninjas, saboteurs, and the ever going fight between good and evil.

I amassed a pretty big collection. Sold some here and there. Then about 2012 I used them to help potty train my second child. Every time he used the toilet he got something. Soon he was opening unopened packs, then vehicles, then the whole collection.

Fast forward to about 3 months ago I moved my whole collection downstairs in hopes to sell them off piece by piece. I did some here and there. It was still a huge effort.

So last week I put he whole collection up on EBay. It took all night to count and take pictures of 237 figures a bunch vehicles, file cards, weapons, vcr tapes, comics

Today it was bought. My 1st child and I took all of it to FedEx to ship. I didn’t get what I wanted and I undercut myself in shipping. But I have gained so much physical space to declutter and mental space to not have to think about them from this selling.

Thanks GI Joe and Cobra – you brought me so much joy over the years. But today my heart hurt a bit.

Now I guess I can really think about getting that Arashikage tattoo.

Video that got the guy to buy it, but of course I got lowballed.

Meanwhile….I am off to work to drop these off to mail tomorrow and look at places to stealth camp.

Here some pics of the collection: