Done so much, but there is so much more to be done

I have been doing the goodwill/value village, buynothing, selling on eBay for a few weeks. We’re making dents but it seems like there is just so much, much more. But we will get there.

Coach update. Looks like we are going to be picking it up mid December. Almie is waiting to get her days off or work remote approved. My boss was cool with it. Then we go and drive it back. Working with the finance guy. I am so glad my credit is clean. I basically said to finance RV guy my bank can give me a better rate, no now he has to do his thing to get this better rate so he can score his commission.

Yesterday Teren and I went to a neighbors house to ask about parking the RV there. She wasn’t really having it. She looked confused. I think she sold her RV but they have a giant parking area for it. I told her I would rent it.

Spoke to my coworker yesterday about the RV. I told him about it a few weeks back. Apparently he thought I was kidding. Maybe now he will ask his wife if I can park there. If not the church and the school right by his house are prime candidates.

Almie told our school carpool guy about retiring at 50. Then he got on our Dad’s group chat with about retirement and posted funny pictures of RVs being pulled by horses. Some people don’t get it. This is my box and that is your box. Your life/ family will not fit my box nor will mine in yours. Stop it, it’s not flattering.

Throw in some random pics of goodness I have found that we own or have to get rid of.

Replacement dishwashers old


Tara’s Team winning the state cup, but no advancing to regionals.