Getting close

Been busy decluttering the “stick” house. A term I’ve heard thrown around by full time RVers. Sticks and bricks. You buy your starter house “stick” then want to upgrade cause your got kids to “brick”.

Getting close. The rooms are looking bare. The Christmas decorations have been taken down. Furniture is getting sold, given away or being spoken for. Most of the plates, cups, and party platters are gone. Wo helped with the finishing touches. We decided to skip on fixing the ice maker/water in the fridge. Almie has been crushing the paint. They match so well using technology at the store. House should get listed on the 11th. We got a cleaner coming today.

All in the meantime. Life has been going. Soccer, dr appointments, schools, sleep overs, work, etc.

We are picking up the RV on December 18th and driving it back. Just Almie and I. Kids going to stay behind cause they got life things to do.