My heart just sank a bit

So the house got listed today. And about 40 minutes later someone came to look at it. Had my camera’s on and watching them come in melted my heart a bit. Later I went to pick up Tara from light rail and we talked about it. She is a little sad. Knowing she spent over half her life in this house. But she is pretty pumped and said how many people get to say they have lived in a van. There were even talks amongst her friends about writing her college essay on it. Also one of her buds wants to give her a nomad/van life type tee-shirt for Christmas.

As both the kids are doing their homework right now. I’m thinking about how we have to leave twice tonight cause two more people are coming to look at it tonight.

Zillow listing

I’ve taken so many pics out this window. Snow, people getting tickets, crashes, etc etc