Moving fast!

If our lives couldn’t get any crazier…the last couple days have been nuts! The house went on the market at 1pm on Monday. Since then, we’ve had about 10 showings, 2 offers submitted and a possible 3rd. We had considered for a second but decided to stick to the plan on reviewing offers on the 18th and making a decision then. Market is way hot right now and things are falling into place for us. Anjo will be holding a brokers open today at 11am which will more than likely get a good turnout.

While we are in a good position to sell and seeing a ton of interest, it does put a lump in my throat to know another family wants our home. A place we called home for almost 10 years. The only home Teren has known. The home Tara tried to throw a massive NYE party at.  The view we had of the neighborhood: watching cars getting parking tickets, the guy who walks his dog and doesn’t pick up the poop, the time I yelled at that same guy from our window to pick up the poop, watching cyclists bike up the hill to see if they make it…so many memories.

I’ll miss the house for sure.