Counting down in St. Louis

Last Thursday we dropped the cat off at Christy’s. Tara took it the hardest. It didn’t help that she was getting bombarded with homework a couple of days before that. She’s adjusting like a trooper.

Friday I ran around like a professional Uber getting the family where they needed to be. My mom made it over. So glad she she could watch the kids while were gone. Told 2 folks from work about vanning. Got two great reactions and got to hear a little about their own lives. It’s nice to get to know people at work a little more than just work stuff. One we road the shuttle and light rail to the airport together. She got to meet Almie. She even connected us to a local who gave some suggestions on what to do. Flight was fast and we made it with no issues.

Saturday we just played tourist. Gateway Arch, walked around the area then hung out at bar next to the baseball stadium. Almost went to the hockey game but got lazy. Back to the hotel hung out at the pool/hot tub for a bit.

House had a open house today. Heard it was busy. Hope to be accepting an offer sometime Monday evening.

Now just sitting around counting down the time till (Monday morning) we pick up the van and then we road trip west, fitting since we are at the gateway to the west.

Couple of pics from STL

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