one month

We have a little under a month left at 1029C NE 123rd Street.

Last night, Terence, Anjo, Shirley and I reviewed all 15 offers on the house, narrowed it down to our top 5, then top 3, then the one. We went mutual at around 10:30pm, crazy exciting! We were and still amazed at the offers we received and the countless number of agents calling us pass the review time to see if they can still tour the home. They asked for a 30 day closing. That gives us enough time to give furniture away, decide what personal items we want to take with us on the van, acclimate to living out of the van as a family of 4 and bracing ourselves for this super rad ride of a lifetime.

Last night was also our first sleep in the van. We found a Wal-mart that allowed overnight parking and situated ourselves near the other semis and 1 fifth wheel. Pulled our blinds down, put up privacy screens and triple checked everything was locked!

Took us a bit to fall asleep. One of the semis had their generator going and I kept hearing a “noise” outside…sounded like someone was dragging something…after a little investigation I found the source: the wind blowing outside across our roof vents. I was in and out of sleep for a majority of the night. I’m hoping to get 8 hours tonight.

We are making good progress on our drive to San Diego! We have a little over 1200 miles left! Not much to see other than farm land and the occasional wind farm.

Day 1

There she is. An LTV Serenity. It is officially ours and calling it home.

We were given a 2 hour walk-through and for the first 30 minutes or so all I could think was “what the hell did we get ourselves into!” It was a bit intimidating getting the lowdown on generators, propane tanks, flushing water, etc…but at the end of the day we will figure it out!

We signed paperwork, received copies and given the keys…we were off.

I offered to take the first part of our drive to San Diego. That sounds so crazy to me! It was a pretty straightforward drive. After 200+ miles here are my observations:

  • Getting passed by semis – not fun. The drafting the happens makes the entire coach shake and it’s actually scary as shit. Go slow.
  • Turning, slow and wide. That’s all.
  • Other cars: feel free to pass!
  • Driving – never enjoyed it. After today though, I kinda like it.

So we signed off on our new house and just got word we are pending with our current!

Today has been an amazing day and can not wait to get back home to Tara and Teren! But first San Diego!


ps. Terence was being shy.