Day 2, Santa Rosa, NM

We left Carthage, MO at around 5am and made it to Santa Rosa, MN at about 830pm, both central time. 15 hours makes for a long day!

I used the stove for the first time today to boil water for my coffee. Easy, just like at home. Ready to go! I opted to drive first…I was wide awake, so why not?

The drive through Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas was relatively flat and uneventful. There really wasn’t much scenery to look at other than a bunch of fields, leafless trees and a bunch of semis. Terence was a sport and let me let me listen to both Lore and The NoSleep podcasts (Terence and Tara doesn’t like listening to the NoSleep one, too scary) Taylor Swift covers and Anuhea. I don’t mind driving and actually enjoy it.

The van has been winterized which limits our use of water Рso no shower, no toilet, no running water. When we get back to Seattle we definitely need to get the coach outfitted so we can run water without worrying about bursting because of freezing temps.

We’ve taken advantage of the bathrooms at Walmarts, gas stations, and restaurants. We did take a shower at the Planet Fitness, which Terence is now a proud member of. He was pretty happy about that, it was driving him crazy to have gone a whole day and a half without one.

It’s been a long day of driving. We are calling it a night. We have to be out of here by 5 which means a 4am alarm.

San Diego here we come!