Merry Christmas!

Good morning La Center and Merry Christmas!

Terence and I talked about how unexpected all of this was and thought the worse weather would be driving through The previous 4 states! In the last week we have driven through the rain, a wind storm, hail, sun and snow.

I was just as terrified driving through Portland in the snow and ice as the day I drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Terence FaceTimed with the kiddos, caught them up on our adventures, our ETA and let them open their presents virtually, everyone was happy. God, I really miss them. I miss them a lot! I’m afraid I may break down in ugly cry when we get home and see them.

We spent a majority of the night at the casino, which was surprisingly quiet. We gambled, had a few drinks, Terence watched a bit of sportsball and had dinner which included tots!

We made the most out of our situation and as usual everything worked out.

Terence has been using the term Instagram Filter in response to my slight disappointments in the morning. Example:

Me: I was hoping to wake up to the sunrise over Coos Bay but you can’t see anything at 6 in the morning!

Terence: Yeah, you had your Instagram Filter on.

Here’s my Instagram Filter for today:

The sun breaks out of the sky, warming up every road we get on, Christmas music playing in the cabin, make it to 3411 Cromwell with no issues, kids come running out of the house, hugs and kisses all around, dinner and drinks with the family, eating all the pecan pie and getting the kids settled in their new home.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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