Made it! BEWARE of ice on the roof!!!

Long trip. Glad to be back with the kids. And seeing my parents for Christmas. 3500 miles…wowzers!!

A little bit after we left Cowlitz this morning, on the freeway a car pulled up on my left. The driver made some hand gestures trying to get my attention. In my head I’m thinking something probably fell off the roof and broke or a storage door flew open. I get off the next exit and the lady follows me to the gas station. Apparently some ice on our roof landed on her windshield and cracked it. I was so worried. Thankfully her or her kids weren’t hurt. Her husband pulled up and we chatted. Of course I rambled about the van life and what we were doing. All this time I was pumping gas. Almie politely yells at me from the window. Lesson #2 some of these diesel pumps don’t auto stop. I probably put few extra gallons on the ground. Keep an eye on the pump, this has happened to me twice. The family called their insurance and found a place to get it fixed. They ended up passing us on the freeway. I hope they make it to their Christmas destination safely.

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