Guest post by Teren

[Mama typing on behalf of Teren]

Hi everyone! My name is Teren and living out of the van is going to be really awesome. I look forward to having less stuff, being outside more, and spending all this time with my family.

Living in the van is going to be like living in a tiny home but maybe even smaller. I’m not scared to move. All I’m bringing with me are my xbox, laptop, phone and clothes for school and some out clothes too.

I’m going to miss having my own time, like being by myself. I might even miss sleeping in my own bed but the trade-off is living with less stuff and I won’t have to clean up as much.

In 2018, I want to go to Canada and California in the van. Then take a couple trips overseas, like to Hawaii and Mexico. I want to be adventourous and explore!

I don’t have any other thoughts about our move but hope I can sleep in the van tonight.

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