Happy New Year!!

On our way to get the van my mom and dad came down with a bug. They in turn passed it on Tara. Then Teren got it. I started feeling odd during NYE celebrations, I attributed it a 3 week layover from mountain biking. I rode St Edwards and had a blast to close off 2017. Almie got it later in the evening on New Year’s Day. Hopefully this passes quick so we can get rolling with the move.

Update on the move. Teren no longer has any furniture so he is couch surfing. We spent a few hours sorting his stuff on NYE. Our bedroom is empty except for a bed, a dresser (empty), and some random clothes that need to be sorted. Our kitchen is nearly empty. Our living room is set in piles. Van pile, moms house pile, donation pile, CRV pile, Wojcik pile. Tara’s room only has a bed and some clothes. Next to tackle is the garage.

We haven’t all spent the night together in the van because of the bug. Almie going out town this weekend and the kids and I will stay the weekend in it to get them used to it.

May your 2018 be a good one and you and yours move towards things that keep it positive and uplifting.

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