In the home stretch

We’ve been moving at semi-lightning speed since being back from St. Louis (which was an amazing trip!) The holidays, everyone coming down with the flu, gatherings with friends, tri-training, going back to work and all the while trying to vacate our townhouse and move into the van!

It took me a couple days to sort through the van pile only to purge a whole lot more, I have most everyone moved in and wait n for Tara to finalize her keep pile. The kitchen is all set, pantry filled with necessities, wine is stocked safely, bathroom almost done, and hoping to hang up our favorite prints this weekend. It’s starting to look more like a home and I’m loving it!

We are also shooting for Sunday as our official van move-in day! Terence didn’t get a chance to de-winterize last weekend so we’ll need to make that happen for sure on Saturday. Can’t wait to have running water for the sink and of course the shower!

Our agent let us know we should be signing closing docs this week, eeek!!!! A new family takes ownership of the townhouse on the 18th! Will for sure be bittersweet but we are ready for #vanlife 🚐