We have water!

After fiddling with with water system on our own and having zero luck we reached out to Dan the Van Man from the dealership. It was a text chain which eventually turned into a phone call where he walked us through step by step, knob by knob, faucet by faucet and BAM! We are in business. It has made a difference having running/functioning plumbing – it was definitely a milestone for us!

The RV park has been great so far and a nice way for us to move in, get adjusted living in a small space and finding our new normal.

We had our friends Annegigi and Dan over the other night (our first official guests) and it was totally fun to catch them up on everything, wine and snacks were had, and we had space to do so! Jennie came by too with my god daughter, Katherine, it was a quick visit! Jennie picked Tara and Terence up from the townhouse and took them home to the van. It definitely was a timesaver and help to us!

I leave for NOLA today for work and coming back Saturday – as always, I am going to miss my family tremendously!

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