Today, we are officially without a “house”

There was a tiny bit of sadness when we left the townhouse for the last time. Everything is out of there. That place gave us a good 10 years of memories.

Shout to my mom and dad for letting us use their house as a storage unit. Plan is go back and trim down some of the boxes/bins there. Shout out to Wo for coming over to jump start the CRV when tara left the lights on. Then doing another dump run for me. Shout out Kevin, Fel, Allen, Craig, Buy Nothing, Jill, Machiko, and your significant others and anybody else that took our stuff. I hope those things get used and bring some sort of joy.  Shout out to Christy for keeping our “for sale pile”.

Shout out to Anjo for selling the house and all the stuff that goes along with it. I want this Water view or do I want that walnut farm. But thanks for making it a smooth process.

So today we got done with the townhouse. Dropped off the Hampsten at work, which finally got pictures getting ready to be sold. I hit up Pros Closet. Maybe I’ll hit up BicycleBluebook at Woodinville. Then to the van to shower and get ready for bed. I got the grand idea to shower in the van instead of walking in the rain to the shower area. Idea was a hit. Tank fills up quick but it felt great!!

Here is a bunch of random snaps during the past couple days of the move.

Teren and I coming back from a quick drop off in Bremerton, I secretly tried to getting a promaster from uhual to test drive it. But they didn’t give me one. a caption


Even though your moving, there is still time for soccer.

she’s going to miss this tshirt

i have to buy her a new one because she wanted to use this lunch box through out high school. but it got gross.

it was tough to get rid of this.  

if your name has these letters you find them at your local goodwill

one of my buy nothing folks going to pickup that cat hair

i raised this thing for about 10 years, probably 3.5 feet tall.

thanks for cleaning up robot.  these were some nice floors

some of the stuff left at my parents house

sizzler, yeah i had my post wedding courthouse dinner there. “we goin’ sizzler”

pain deflector

hard to get rid of bike stuff

recycled this one

clean it out so you can deliver pain

we planted this when he was in 1st grade.  that’s how tall it was

one of our favorite to go places.  sitting inside is not that bad

bike stuff, one the few things to leave the house

the non bike stuff is what i donated, its going to bike works.

i cancelled, i told them i was moving to a boat

last pics in the house


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