The not so glorious parts. ✔️✔️✔️

So I’ve been dreading these parts of mobile living.

1) dumping the tanks. After fiddling with an unattached hose, I remembered this thing (Hudgens Vanessa seeing if that will stick as a name) came with a macerator pump. Basically a garbage disposal for your sewer which makes it easier than connecting the slinky hose? Question mark cause I don’t know the difference. Thanks empty, check.

2) I’ve always been the family clothes washer. I didn’t have any issues getting down with it in the laundromat. Except Almie bought a Costco sized soap that I had to lug. Also when I went back to load the dryer I forgot the dryer sheets. Had to run back for them. Once the clothes finish I’ll have that done. Check after they get put way.

3) washing dishes by hand. Yeah not that bad. We got hot water. Probably need a collapsible plate drying stand thing. Check that off.

This was all done after I got home from picking up the kids. I was going to cook too but we are low on propane. And I would prefer it to go to the heat tonight. Researching ceramic electric heaters. Instead I let Tara drive to ivars to give me a heart check.

Almie is out of town for work, so this is most certainly manageable.