RV park, that was a Good chapter.

So as type this I’m sitting at my kid’s school parking lot. I pull up and they start waving to me. Of course I wave back. Then I proceed to go back to working remotely.

What a fun 10 days of being connected to water, electricity, and able to dump sewer by just going outside and putting the hose to the ground. But that wasn’t my original plan. It was a good place to learn about the van.

I learned to not leave the top of the toilet closed when flushing. Actually it’s mandatory. I clogged that shit while flushing. I quickly flushed it down. The TP probably held the hole open. Water pooled and I scrambled for towels. That was a shitty <—haha lesson to learn. Cleaned it up, disinfected and still got my kid to school on time!

Last night little dude had b-ball practice. Almie was at an Elks thing. So the 3 of us stayed at the gym. We played hoops and stuff. Good to see my older one teaching my little one the same skills/drills I taught her. The best part of the night is when Almie and I went to do laundry the kids had washed and dried the dishes. Say what!!! They didn’t wash the instant pot cause they were afraid of the tank being full. Fast learners.

Now for the next chapter. Coming to a driveway near you.

Of course some random pics.

“make that change” man in the mirror type

got to ride an event on saturday, that hurt

lots of rain 

buckle up your passengers

you buckle up to, pajamas

make time to read, tara cubby, where’s my “the notebook”

this ceramic electric heating thing is amazing

imagine this with water all over it

condensation, always be checking for it

its electric boogie woogie

$44.33 worth of propane filled up.  guessing it will last for 3 weeks

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