Grilled cheese was a hit & driveway.

So yesterday after Tara’s practice we make it back to Teren’s school inside Hudgens. I ordered instacart but we didn’t want to wait for it. I cooked up some grilled cheese using the shredded kind of cheese you use for quesadillas. Tara had bought a tomato soup from Target that we never tried yet, ’twas creamy. Cooked the sandwiches on some awesome copper pan that my mommy gave to Almie for Christmas. For sure that was non stick. All this was done in the school parking lot!!! Need a USB fan. The fantastic fan has an auto close for rain and it was pouring. So I set off the alarm inside a few times. We were used to doing the same thing at the townhouse. All the kids grabbed something to fan the alarm.

We had our 1st driveway camping experience. Shout out to Erwin and Khristine for having us. And letting us deliver our groceries:

Today Almie is out sick but working remote. She’s taking a meeting at the waterfront!!!

***driveway and photo courtesy of Erwin****

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