What a week!

This was our first week boon-docking the streets of Seattle but ended up spending our nights in Shoreline with the Angulo Family! That made carpooling way easy! Our girls, Tara and Izzy, go to the same high school (Holy Names) and thankfully are both on the somewhat same schedule.

Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it all this week since I came down with a cough and cold which drained every bit of energy I had not to mention put me behind in IM training! I’m recovering and hope to be back in business come Monday.

Terence is getting really good at emptying our black and gray tanks…I’ll let him continue with his winning streak! Living out of a van with limited supply of water, waste management, and power really has made us more mindful of our consumption, not just in the van but outside of the van. Minimizing our carbon footprint is a good thing, right?!?!

Most everyone has asked how things are going and it’s going great! We are still getting settled in our new normal of things, give us a couple more weeks!

A few highlights from the week:

I called in sick on Wednesday and decided to set up shop at Magnusson Park! It was a good way to get some solid rest and naps in with a view of Lake Washington.

Had to get a workout in but it was too soon, sprint intervals wrecked havoc on my lungs with the cough I had (still have it 😞.)

Made a vegetarian chik’n arroz caldo via my InstantPot. Filipino style congee. Sautéed the ginger, onion, chik’n and uncooked sticky rice then added water and a few pinches of saffron strings; set it on high pressure for 20 minutes, dinner is served! Top it off with green onions, cilantro, a little squeeze of lemon and splash of patis! Best dinner for a rainy night!

Finally got around to hanging some of our favorite prints.

Bacon cooked up nice and crispy in the convection oven 🥓🥓🥓

Fizzy socks, PJs and coffee in a spill proof mug. Just because…

And this…the other half of the fam is still asleep…so we snuggle in bed with our Minecrafts and blogs while we wait for everyone to wake up.