San Francisco Bound…

We are a little over a week and a half before we head out on our first road trip in VANessa (I guess this is what we are calling our home unofficially.) Destination: San Francisco, more specifically, San Fran State University! Tara is interested in the school and attending a soccer ID camp the weekend of 2/10.

We found a nice little RV park overlooking the bay and super close to campus. And…now that I am officially an Elk:

I’m hoping we have time to check out one of the longest running Elks lodge in San Fran, number 3!

I’ve been keeping tabs on the weather and passes. After driving through rain, wind, snow and some ice in this thing I’d rather take the longer route along PCH versus the 5 which goes through the mountains and that equals snow; no thanks.

In the meantime, I’ll be mapping out our stops, things for the kids to do and keeping fingers a crossed for sunshine (or just dry weather.)