Super Bowl Sunday

We’re about to have bowls of super yummy kare-kare. A peanut butter based Filipino stew with a fresh mix of greens: cabbage, bakchoy, green beans and the non green: eggplant. Since my family is half pescatarian and meatatarian, I made 2 versions one with and without oxtails.

It’s not totally homemade since I had to use Mama Sitas, but it’s van life and with the limited space, shortcuts are much appreciated.

We decided to head to Bremerton to visit with in-laws. Tara took off this morning with her Rush Team to Spokane for a game…we were already up so we thought why not. It gave us a chance to wash our linens, dishes in the dishwasher and of course cook food. So thankful to have family close by.

Terence is kinda out of commission – his ankle and now foot is super swollen and can’t walk on it. Not sure how it happened and hoping he can walk on it in time for our San Fran road trip this week.

Both kids are over their coughs/colds/fevers. So am I. But do you know what I’m over? This weather, let’s skip spring and fast forward to summer already.

I’m currently sitting in the van watching the meter as Terence and Ed (his dad) fill our fresh water tank, you don’t realize how much resources we take up; I definitely appreciate our access to water and the means to pay for it when we need to.

We are now 22 days in and pretty much settled. It’s an adventure for sure, actually feels like we’re camping/on a vacation everyday!

Home sweet Home.

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