A full month

We just celebrated our first full month of living out of the van this weekend! It’s been pretty amazing so far and looking forward to planning more trips!

We had our first drive as a family this weekend: Seattle to San Francisco. Tara participated in a college soccer id camp with SFSU…we’ll see how things work out and I’m secretly hoping she ends up in a school in California 😎

We ended up staying here for the weekend

It had a huge parking lot with power/water/sewer hook ups over looking the pacific! Can’t beat the view:

Other than soccer, we had a chance to catch up with family and friends, ate more than we should have and made memories. On the drive back home, Tara rode shotgun…I asked her to take pictures of the view and her response was she would rather just enjoy it in real view. 🤔 Good point, it’s a memory and experience a photo can’t really capture right?

We didn’t do a good job at planning or drive back to Seattle. Left SF at around 5am and got on the 101 to avoid having to drive through the snow showers over the Siskiyous. Taking the 101 added a good 5-6 hours to our drive back but on the flip side the kids got to see the Ave of Giants and a 30 minute beach break. It was a tough struggle to stay awake so Terence and I took one hour shifts and powered through the drive.

Made it back to Seattle at about 3am and decided to park it at the school and sleep. It was a long night and we both were super tired, knocked out right away and got a knock on the door from the facility’s guy letting us know we can’t sleep at the school. Oops, that was totally our fault. They did give us the okay to park during the day but nothing about sleeping…Terence chatted with our school office manager and explained what happened…All is good!

Overall, life is great.

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