Long overdue

It was a nice kid-free weekend! Tara was in Arizona for a soccer tournament and sent Teren off to grandmas! We decided to camp out at Lake Pleasant which is great; power, water and sewer hookups are always welcome. Its been a while since we had an open weekend…Had a chance to catch up on van stuff, movies, home cooked meals and date night.

It was really hard to get out of bed to get my training in but got it done and got back into bed after. We thought it was going to snow and prepared the van for cold weather, to our surprise, it didn’t snow one bit and instead had the pleasure of having a ton of sun even though it was still cold out. Hey, we’ll take it!

I finally got around to making our shower bags. While we have running water and a fully functioning shower, the tanks that hold both our fresh and grey water get depleted and filled fairly quickly…a solution to that is going to the gym and taking our showers. The YMCA is perfect for us since it forces me to train and a convenient place for the family to shower and maybe get their own workout in. So back to the shower bags…each person has their hair products, body soap, loofahs and shower slippers. Definitely makes it a bit easier to transport and keeps everything organized.

It’s pretty comfortable at this point living out of our van. We have our new normals and can’t see ever going back to living in a “house.” Maybe we’re still in our honeymoon phase but loving this new way of life!

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