Shout out to YOU!

Terence here and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody.

Thanks to my mom and dad for helping out and being supportive in this adventure.

Thanks to the families that have allowed us a place to “surf” at. You all know who you are. The ones that have offered beds, parking spots, water…we love y’all.

Thanks to anybody that has taken a tour or Vanessa Hudgens. If you have been inside some of your light and magic has reflected on us.

Thanks to everybody that has reached out. Lunch dates. Texts. Comments on posts. Hallway conversations. If you talked about it with me/us it means you gave up the precious time in your life to have a meaningful interaction with us.

One of the outcomes that I really did not foresee is the amount of people that get to reflect on their on own lives. From the question and comments “I’m jealous”, “I need to declutter”, “where do you park” “how are the kids” “how do you do alone time” etc etc. Me, I can see your brain thinking about stuff like this and how it happens in your current life. Maybe we will spark you to go crazy and move into a van. Maybe you spark and decide you need to recycle more. Maybe you spark and clean the garage. Maybe your kids get an inkling when they grow up and they want to live out of a van, we helped you green light it, a little. Thanks again all of you!!!

Random pics:

dang, i played a lot of chess.  found this at my mom’s house

my dude Jon is crazy.  got me a 2nd God child.

found Tara’s shirt at mom’s house, recycle!


i think i was 13? before glasses and a stache

showers at the pool and run in Joel

Tara wants to copy grandma and wear lots of rings

behind that storage box is where we got our 1st knock at 6am

cut a hole in the bottom to get the last drips, waste not want not

that one time i ran a lot and i was skinny. i wear this now and the kids say i look pregnant

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