5 nights in a row 5 different somewheres

So after the snitch-cop-knock last week we decided to venture out a bit.

Friday at AJ/Cathy. That was a little scary at first cause there were people playing at the school. But it was just some kids. New places are always scary. Got a tour of their remodel. Pretty nice. Pretty amazing a family of 4 can couch surf, cohabit, live in a basement in 8 months time while they wait out the construction.

Saturday even went to a new place to get water. Joel asked to back out the van. 1st time someone else got to drive Vanessa. That afternoon we headed to Ballard near Golden Gardens. We donated to park at a certain spot. Very nice place. If it was closer to our business dealing we would be there all the time. Went for a run that Sunday morning vans and car sleepers and boat dwellers.

Sunday evening we had dinner at Andy/Sarah’s. I met Sarah at cross race a few years back. Almie knew her from rides and things like that, BIKES period. Bike people are pretty much a special breed of cool people. Their kid was adorable!! Turns out they have an Outside Van, one from the early days. I think I heard van #6. It has lasted! I need a 2nd van…haha.

Monday at Tiffany/Will!! They are some good people. We got a house tour. A shower offer but Teren had already jumped in the shower when we got there. My girls didn’t get to meet them because they were at the gym. I’m sure they would have felt the same as Teren when he said later that night “they are so nice”. Tiffany offered coffee in the morning, Teren went in got some to go!!

Tonight back to that “normal” at Fel/Janet. Almie is out of town for a few days. So as a single parent I need some normal. Whatever that is. Haha.

Go bananas

Tara picked this up from her school “trade” clothes thing

I’ve been working off hours these past couple of days.  This room is where they keep clean equipment.

**that one time where we were parked, saw some of Teren’s schoolmate were doing a boy’s scout pine car derby and decided to watch a little of it


Almie scraped someone’s car!

Vanessa got a tattoo

Boat living, I’m entertaining it

Watch out my oldest is about to get her license soon. She got her 1st taste of Seattle traffic.

Pic of skoolie in Moab last summer. I need to get back there.

Knock knock

So got that knock this morning from the cops at 5am. Apparently somebody called it in, snitches, haha. They said you can’t “camp” in the city of Shoreline, Seattle you can do it all you want. The two officers were cool about and let us stay. That was a good spot too!

Attended an all day training about problem solving and all that fun stuff. My buddy Lee went to it too after being on 6 weeks paternity leave, it was his 1st day back. I was tired all day. Went to baseball practice and napped.

I have an email drafted ready to ask a few churches if I can park there overnight. I’ll let Almie proofread it before I send it.

I was driving out to shower this evening. I decided to drive around to a few potential spots. One of them I think I saw a security guard so I booked it. One I saw saw the same RV I have seen there before, he was just pulling in. This other spot, I have seen this red honda hatch back there, I’ve seen the dude inside, he lives in it. This evening I saw his red car on totally opposite side of the parking lot where I saw him last. Probably because there were two massive RVs where he normally is. I’m talking a 40 footer, another one that was a trailer and the truck that goes with it. If you look they are there!

So after the knock I tried to go back to sleep. Thoughts raced. Some like “am I putting my family thru unnecessary hassles”. “How do I handle the next knock?” This afternoon Tara said it was a little scary but she reassured me that she was proud we are doing this. We actually doing/did it, instead of just talking/dreaming it. Teren was like it’s cool. Little dude knocked on the wall after dinner, joking like the police knocking again. Heart raced….

Pic of skoolie in Moab last summer. I need to get back there.

Skoolie in Moab last summer. I need to back there riding bikes. 

Some training on problem solving.  


So Almie and Tara left early Thursday morning to Vegas for a soccer showcase. At this age they are not so much tournaments but more to showcase in front of college coaches. Tara had an annoying moment where she lost her game jersey while packing. We searched everywhere, like 5x. Turns out she had it in her backpack. Face punch.

Teren had Friday off so we decided to go to my parents Thursday night. Home cooking! Long showers!!

I got ALL the laundry done. Which is tough for putting it away because normally we have a load out for washing at the laundry mat so the drawers aren’t full. Washed the sheets and comforters. Next time I’ll take the comforters to a mat cause my parents washer/dryer isn’t that big. I cleaned the bathroom, which is so awesome cause I have a small one and it’s only one, instead of the 3.5 I had before. Washed the van. Thing is is looking shiny. Bought an extender brush which is good for cleaning the high parts. I vacuumed the cab. Haven’t done that in a while since we haven’t been hitting up the RV park. I somewhat repaired some loose parts on the door. Basically glued a handle. I removed the cable that prevents the wind from taking the door off. Which broke off when the wind took it. Gave Vanessa a good sweeping. Small space gets a lot of dust, crumbs, and what not. Removed some unneeded “stuff” from inside. I need to tackle the shoe racks. I’ll get to those next time. I want to clean the fridge, more like a little wipe down. Again small, should be quick.

I think I should tittle this post Spring Cleaning.

Yesterday Teren and I went to baseball practice back in Seattle. And then headed back to my parents. We took my dad’s car instead of the van. I wanted to go to the 5 o’clock mass but Teren said no cause he was all dirty from baseball.

Can’t wait for the girls get back. They both got matching tattoos of lotus leaf. I joked it looks like corn on a cob. Shit I would get a tattoo of corn on the cob.

I was messing with an old phone and I found some photo/video (1806 of them). There are some gems on there. I decided to buy some Amazon cloud drive space to put it up there. Besos, you got me.

tara looking salty cause they boarded late, got paged on the intercom

teren, grandpa, and i sitting in front of fire

home cooked kare kare

nothing like technology and fires

more home cooked.  trout caught from trident lakes and frozen

2010, tara’ 1st taste of soccer not coached by dad

Parking VANessa

Our rig runs about 25 feet long, 8 feet wide and about 10 feet tall…so if you could imagine parking this could be a little tricky. With 2 kids active with sports, we have to divide and conquer. Today, I had the honor of taking Teren to baseball practice at Dahl Field and was impressed with my ability to parallel park this thing!

And yes, I moved up a bit to leave enough room for another parking space. Had quite a few folks drive and walk by checking out this ginormous thing, of course I wave and smile letting them know I see them 😀 They always, for the most part, wave back.

I did get a bit of practice parking this thing earlier at Dick’s for an afternoon snack for the little one.

Van life has been pretty cool so far, especially when I can watch baseball practice from the comforts of home.

Life is good.


So there haven’t been any updates because we have been busy. What’s been going on since last update on Feb 21. Let’s see:

  • Almie travelled to Chicago for work for 3 days
  • Teren started baseball practices
  • A couple of snow days
  • Almie and I did that food and wine tasting seattle convention thing. Thanks Anjo
  • My Riolink finally needed new batteries after about 3 months of use. I should get some rechargeable ones. Riolink Argus link. <– link to a link 🙂
  • Tara is almost done with her driving school, so no more driving her to driving school 🙂
  • I raced mountain bikes at Lord Hill, it hurt
  • Tara has been working at Little Kickers
  • Met with a finance guy, age 50 to retire move on to next adventure looking likely
  • Almie made the board for SU school of business
  • Tara has had 2 soccer games. They won a very crucial one that could put them in Hawaii for regionals this summer. Of course soccer practices sprinkled in there
  • Shout out to Jason and Rachel for giving me rides to work, saves me bus ride time
  • Almie going hard on triathlon training, like 6 days week
  • Happy Birthday Jill, we went home early cause Almie is so tired from said training. She’s next to me snoring it up
  • Tara has slept over at her buddies houses
  • Jessica came in town to visit
  • Teren and Almie did comic con
  • Teren currently at grandparents house cause I thought there was no baseball practices this weekend, turns out there was two
  • Today I volunteered at our teams time trial race, sat in traffic home, helped Almie start riding, get Tara to driving school, then ran jogged, showers, Jills party. Now we at Tiffany’s street, driveway surfing here for the 1st time. A little nerve racking, but we thank her for it.
  • Add on the daily questions where we parking, we need water, we need groceries, where/what’s for dinner. Lots of planning
  • Oh don’t forget about work


Lots and lots of conversation about the van. It has been pretty great living out of it. Today makes it 7 weeks.

Sometimes having to plan out where/when to get water has been sucky. Kids probably hate planning out where to shower.

Dishes suck too. I miss my dishwasher. But not that much.

Laundry has been awesome cause I don’t have to do it! Unless we stop by my parents house. The lady “Thi” at Pinehurst Laundrymat washes it and folds it so nicely. I do need more pants. 4 pairs or pants ain’t really cutting it. It’s great minimalist wise, but not functionally. I guess it would work if I actually did my own laundry.

“Where do you stay?” Well I have a list of 15 places I wan to park at. So far we have done 3, today is #4. I would like to eventually rotate 6-10 places. But 2 places we go to are so so good and convenient. So good like birthplaces of unicorns good.

We are going out to eat more often. But I think we are wasting less food (groceries). I think in the long run cost wise it balances out.

The van really needs a wash. I either need to take it to brown bear, wash it at a house, or take it to the mall I guess there is detailer there.

The search for the 2nd van is happening. We know when Tara leaves we want to get smaller. I think once we have a smaller van we can be stealthier and park at more places. Don’t get me wrong Vanessa Hudgens has got everything we need. But she’s not stealthy, she’s more like bet on it or we all in this together.

I’m going to leave you this picture of a jacket/towel/blanket/sleeping bag/changing station. My teammate’s wife made it. It is good for changing after exercise. I need this in my life. She made it people!

Dear sun, it was good to see you.