Parking VANessa

Our rig runs about 25 feet long, 8 feet wide and about 10 feet tall…so if you could imagine parking this could be a little tricky. With 2 kids active with sports, we have to divide and conquer. Today, I had the honor of taking Teren to baseball practice at Dahl Field and was impressed with my ability to parallel park this thing!

And yes, I moved up a bit to leave enough room for another parking space. Had quite a few folks drive and walk by checking out this ginormous thing, of course I wave and smile letting them know I see them 😀 They always, for the most part, wave back.

I did get a bit of practice parking this thing earlier at Dick’s for an afternoon snack for the little one.

Van life has been pretty cool so far, especially when I can watch baseball practice from the comforts of home.

Life is good.

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