So on Monday I got this text from Butch that his neighbors where going out of town and we could possibly stay in their driveway. I was like hell ya. It got setup for Wednesday thru Monday. For today, Thursday, I brokered a deal where Almie cooks, we buy the food, and she gets to use their kitchen. We had a good family dinner of veggies, steak, salmon, and Beechers Mac&cheese. Though Teren had to go to baseball practice, he still came over after to eat it up.

Our boys our in the same grade. They have been playing together and they are having a blast. Teren showed them Fortnite. Today we even shared carpool duties.

I’ve started back on a cycling training plan. Today I rode and after 45 minutes I started to bonk. The next 45 were tough. I think I didn’t eat a lot of lunch to “make room” for tonight’s dinner. After the ride I get in the van ask Tara for a bar. Ate it and then laid down on the floor. Tara said I was snoring. That was a good ride, maybe I need some new gloves cause it’s still chilly out there. Or I just need to suck it up and stop making excuses.

Almie is still grinding it out on her triathlon training plan. She took a few days off last week to recover from a cold. She’s got some exciting changes work wise. I’ll talk about those on a future post.

Tara is grinding out that high school life. She’s deciding on a college. Playing soccer and doing teenager stuff. We found out tonight she doesn’t know the term PhD, player hater degree. Haha. We are looking forward to the summer. She made this video of her 2017 summer.

Oh a few weeks ago we traded in the CRV for a cargo van. We have name this van Zach Effron. Bet on it!!!

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It’s been nice not having to move the van and being fixed for a few days. But will miss staying at our buddies houses. I like to tell Almie and the kids “you didn’t choose vanlife, vanlife chose you”. They thinks it’s dumb but it’s a thing on the internet

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It’s Teren!

Hey everyone! It’s Teren, sometimes Tyrone. Well there’s only 2 months left of school then we get to go Hawaii. I’m pretty sure my dad is going be sad leaving the van. But I’m not going to be so sad leaving the van because we’ll be on the beach.

My friends are super cool with the vanlife. They really like it. They have said they are so impressed that I can live in a tiny space. It’s a bit harder to play with friends outside of school, I have to wait until our power is full before playing Xbox and connecting with friends.

My favorite things about the vanlife is we are outside way more. I love it.

That’s it gotta go to school.

Never gets old

Having this as our backyard will never get old. 3 months in and things are going well. We are finally settled in, have our routines but most of all, the freedom to do whatever. People always ask about #vanlife – which we love talking about! My answer 99% of the time: it’s freeing! Other than our home being on wheels, it’s a home, our home.

We are forever grateful to our community of friends and family who have opened up their homes, driveways, street, let us fill up on water, letting me do a load of delicate wash, invited us for dinner and drinks and mostly their support.

I can’t wait for summer to get here! I’m searching for a mini grill that can easily fit in one of our storage compartments, taking recommendations!

We have a few trips planned over the next few months and hoping to include a handful of van trips as well. We are Hawaii bound in June and wish we could take the van with us…living on the beach for 10 days would be amazing!

We are living our best lives right now, everyday is an adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We made our way to B-town yesterday afternoon. It was a struggle of a drive, I was beat from my bike ride and allergies in full swing. Terence and I eventually traded off and I took a much needed nap.

VANessa fits perfectly on the side of the house and conveniently next to the water hose. Terence started and finished all our laundry, most have been put away. We also purged a bunch of shoes and “stuff” from the van, cleaned the bathroom and organized the unorganized.

My favorite part of the weekend so far, taking a really long hot shower.

And my favorite soon to be part is the fried chicken they brought back for dinner. Terence, Tara and mom went to the commissary and Navy Exchange to pick up a few necessities for the van.

We’re staying tonight which means I get to commute to work via ferry, should be fun.

The kids spent one summer cutting through this to make a little cubby. #grandparentshouse