We made our way to B-town yesterday afternoon. It was a struggle of a drive, I was beat from my bike ride and allergies in full swing. Terence and I eventually traded off and I took a much needed nap.

VANessa fits perfectly on the side of the house and conveniently next to the water hose. Terence started and finished all our laundry, most have been put away. We also purged a bunch of shoes and “stuff” from the van, cleaned the bathroom and organized the unorganized.

My favorite part of the weekend so far, taking a really long hot shower.

And my favorite soon to be part is the fried chicken they brought back for dinner. Terence, Tara and mom went to the commissary and Navy Exchange to pick up a few necessities for the van.

We’re staying tonight which means I get to commute to work via ferry, should be fun.

The kids spent one summer cutting through this to make a little cubby. #grandparentshouse

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