Staycation 2

As I write this we are going to 4 months in tomorrow, Sunday. It’s been pretty awesome!

One of the things that’s been super awesome is our buds Tiffany and William flew off to Maui and had us house sit. It was strange at first coming into a huge space. It’s been really nice to do laundry whenever I want. Almie is enjoying their made for TV kitchen. Seriously it was in a TV commercial. Kids are enjoying it as well. They have a cat that is pretty much a princess/queen. She’s really good though. Many many THANKS go out to them for the opportunity to stay in this beautiful home.

So a few unlucky things happened to me while I was here. Day 1, I locked my keys in the van. It was a day Almie flew off to Washington DC and I was rushing and plotting how get the kids to soccer and baseball and take care of the house. One didn’t make it to Soccer cause the lock picker had to come out. The other day I brought Almie’s bike to the house and stood it up under their patio umbrella. I leaned it up and against the rear wheel. I’m pretty sure the wind took it. Framed cracked. Almie will be getting a new bike for Mother’s Day. Always a silver lining. She also got some fancy ass bike shoes. A bike shop that will not be named sold her some shoes and gave her two different sizes. For the last 3 years she’s been wondering why one foot hurt?!

So my dude asked me why I haven’t written in a while. Honestly I’ve been lazy. It seems this way of life has become the norm for us. Me and my dude were texting though and we came to the conclusion if someone you know (a friend) has a life change (be it small, big, expensive, ugly, something you love, something you hate) just be supportive. You ain’t got to like their change. Just support the mofo. Terence you I couldn’t live out of a van, but I support you. Seriously pick people up. Positive vibrations. I and I irations. It comes back to you. My normal will never be your normal.

Speaking of van living. I was talking to this gal at work and she told me of this guy at work that spent a year with his family traveling in a Sprinter to South America. But now he lives in a house. Lo and behold I meet the guy though I’ve seen him around but never really talked. We chop it up. One of the funny things he and his wife still do is look for cars/vans/RVs and say “yeah, they living in it”. It’s funny cause my whole family does it. After talking to him he said I’m going to talk to my wife again about living the life. One of the things that he said that resonated with me was how generous people are they all want to talk to about your van and invite you to park. He said it’s because they are curious and/or one day would like to try it. I only wish someone hipped me to this a long time ago. He talked about how the costs are very minimal. I was like yeah, haha, I know.

So speaking of cost. Almie got laid off. Pre-van (pre-Vanessa Hudgens) I would have been shitting my pants. It’s only been 12 days officially, but I really have no worries about it. She’s already got some jobs lined up. Only thing this may do is slightly delay my plans for when in 50. She looks happier.

Speaking of age. Almie and I went to two 40th bday parties. Good to chop it up with friends on new career moves and having babies. It’s always fun to tell someone for the 1st time where I live. Sometimes if I don’t want to spill the beans or just not talk about the van, I just say North Seattle.

Mother’s Day. You moms or soon to be moms, take the time out for you today. Lord knows without you none of this would have happened. If you got a mom send her a message and wish a happy day.

I’m going to try my best to write here on a weekly. As we head in to the summer I think I can do that. Just have to stop being lazy.

You can see that crack right thru the team sign 

My girl with Miss Sadie in the beautiful home we are sitting

My parents coming thru at school for Grandparents day

Taking a selfie on someone’s phone, right before they do a cascade ride. Shout out to Mike for the haircut.

Having to call locksmith. Embarrassing.