Back in baby’s arms

We had a fun/awesome/relaxing/lots of eating/cat sitting 2 weeks at the Jolly’s home. Last night we finished off some chores, had dinner, and then went back home to Vanessa Hudgens. I’ve missed the routine, the sounds, and just being in there. The van has heater sounds, water pump sound, and cars passing by sounds. Routine of getting up fixing up the beds. Moving things here and there. The constant purging. Winter clothes about to go!!

One bad things was we didn’t dump the tanks before our 2 weeks. It got hot and we didn’t circulate the air. That shit smelled bad. Like a porta potty on a hot summer’s day. Soccer people know what I’m talking about. Febreeze, tank cleaner, windows open, fans got that cleared up.

Well today I decided to go my Indian joint. I’ve been going here 2-3 times a week for a few months. Their tandoori machine broke. They showed it to me, in my head I’m thinking a big ass clay pot. I love these guys. One time Almie left her gym bag, the brother (family business) dropped it off to us in North Seattle from Everett. The food is that good. I have said I would give up Filipino food for this food. Blasphemy right?! You go there and decide for yourself. My go to is Malia Kofta and Shahi Paneer with garlic naan.

Click me – I’m Tandoori bites – I make great food!!

Tomorrow I fly out to attend a baptism. My boy Jon asked me to be a Ninong (God father). What an honor to know that one day I may have to lead a kid in a path of spirituality. I got two other Godchildren Ashleigh and Cilfred.

I got to video chat with my cousin JR and my Auntie before leaving the house last night.  It was a good chat and we make lots of jokes.  I like using my Tagalog.  I want to go back soon!


Almie thinking she’s hearing sounds coming from the van

Nice mtb ride down to the water at St Edwards. Teach a man to fish…

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