Making memories….

Last week we had a good parking setup at Rimando’s. We only planned to stay Tue-Thur but ended up staying till Sunday. We give them many many thanks. Place was super quiet. As always at new places, I didn’t sleep well on the 1st night.

With the holiday weekend we didn’t have any kids activities! We were going to hang at my parents. But a dinner with the Cunnanan’s was already setup for Saturday. Also Tara had to work on Sunday. So going to Bremerton got nixed. We got an invite from the Wu’s to come to their beach house.

We headed up to Ferndale after Tara’s work. Under 2 hour drive is pretty good. Kids napped well. They have had this place for about 5 years. We have been invited before but could never make it. Glad we were able to this time. Got there hung out, talked some shit, rode some kid bikes, drank some beers, ate some Juanita’s sweet chili chips (I need more in my life), sat in the sun, had a bbq. Almie went to the casino that night and made some $$.

Abner and his family showed up too! He was actually the one who introduced me to Kevin and Jenny. They had a poker game and I got invited to play. Then we started playing more cards and going to their family parties. I remember living in our condo and skateboarding to their house. Some good memories were made at their beach house.

We made it back. Asked Pajimula if we could park over, it was a go! Seems like forever since I’ve been here. Got to see his new toy. I’m waiting to get a ride in it. Talked Vans. That Nissan Enve200 Recon is calling me. They went off to bbq and I had my Ivars.

DTF with Mike and Jill. We brought Teren. Tara was at a sleepover. Waiting an hour for food sucks. 

Walking back to the car we spotted this gem. I need something like this on one of the vans. 

Beers in the sun!!

I found Jenny.  See my instagram….

Mini Abner and Frozone!!

Kids in the Puget Sound.


My oldest their youngest. 

Some Canadian geese. I think they were extras in the Notebook 

Arlington. Shout out to the Armed Forces and those that gave their lives.