Drink beer with the guys

Incase you didn’t know the title comes from Beyoncé’s If I were a boy. Anyways… yesterday Kevin and I finally went out and got dinner. Good talking shit and sharing stories. Watched some NBA finals, haven’t done that in forever. Had fried foods and got an appetizer of mozzarella sticks, I got to get off that cheese. Messed up my stomach. Having thoughts of turning vegan. Well after that I go to Christie’s in Magnolia to pickup Tara’s clothes and luggage which Almie needed for her trip to LA. I head back to Fel’s where the rest of my family is with the van and it turns out there is an Outback party. Jeff, Glenn, Fel, and Vince-who I haven’t seen for like 25years? These dudes put together a reunion/house party/dance party like they did in high school at Kona Kitchen (I was in San Diego for a baptism) a few weeks ago. It was good seeing these guys and having a beer by myself, cause I came late. Good sharing stories and talking shit.

Last weekend Almie, Teren and I headed to Victoria Island to sherpa and support Almie in her 1/2 Ironman. Shout out to her for putting in a solid 5 months of training. Sacrificing. She didn’t do as good as she liked but she was there. We took Zac and stayed in a hotel. In hindsight we could have took Vanessa and camped it. Good seeing Rochelle, AJ, and Allen out there too. Seeing them almost made me want to do it, almost turns into no thanks. Tara stayed at Christie’s to go to school and prep for finals. School is almost done!!

So Almie is in LA at a conference to learn about her business. We all got up early to make it fit logistically with getting humans where they need to. Tonight we are at Tiffany’s. A little odd cause we haven’t been back here since we house sat. When we house sat we should of parked the van at my parents. A neighbor complained probably cause we were parked here for almost 3 weeks. So we are trying to only come here from time to time. I broke one of my own rules about not staying a place to long, which causes people to get anxious and what not.

Speaking of anxious and what nots. I love reading Seattle Times Facebook on articles about homelessness and RVs. Most of all I love the comments. Keyboard heroes abound.

All the gear to Ironman

This lady was at the hotel

Allen and AJ

Rochelle and Almie

Almie poolside in LA, notice palm tree. It’s supposed to start raining in Seattle in 3-2-1

Incase you haven’t heard I am an addict of words. I have no fear of missing out. 

Outback Sounds. Some of btowns finest. 

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