6 month vanverisary interview!

This is a special guest interview with Tara….  Questions were created by Almie and myself.  Today is 6 months we have been officially been in the van.

Tell us about yourself:  My name is Tara.  I am senior at Holy Names Academy.  I like to play soccer and I live in a van (laughs) with my mom and and dawg (Teren).

What do you love most about living in the van?  I like the concept of being nomadic.  To experience challenges and new encounters.  I enjoy being close to my family even though it can get crazy sometimes.

How do you adjust to the lack of privacy? You simply don’t (laughs).  Only time I get privacy is when I close my eyes. Or when I use the bathroom.

What has been the most challenging?  Privacy.  Conserving water when showering is a challenge because I like taking long showers, despite that I feel like I’m doing my part to help the environment.  The curse of parking at Uncle Fel’s (across the street) on the slightly slanted ground, though I am grateful that we can stay there and park on the closer side sometimes.

How do you deal with being with your family all the time?  You simply just do.  As any family gets annoyed with each other, I just deal with it.  I also don’t mind it cause I like my family .

How do you manage your “stuff” with the little amount of space?  I think a majority of my “stuff” is the amount of clothing I have.  I think a good rule of thumb for me is every time I go shopping or get something new…one or two other things have to go.  Having my mom tightly roll everything into the drawers.

What have you learned about this life? I’ve learned minimalism is a good thing.  While we live in such a consumerist society, it’s good to remember “using things and loving people always works and the opposite never does” from the documentary The Minimalist.  How freaking expensive a house, mortgage, bills and all the other shit that comes with having a house really is.  I’ve learned to be appreciative and grateful to those who have welcomed and supported my family’s journey van living.

What advice would you give to someone interested in this life?  You got to be willing to explore what you don’t know.  You can’t be high maintenance, you could, but you probably wouldn’t experiencing the whole van life.  Invest in a gym membership because it’s a 2 in 1 deal you get to work out and conserve your water by taking a shower there.

Would you do this on your own?  Yes.  I’ve come to realize how many benefits come with van living.

How do you handle your showers?  Generally I do not take showers in the van because I take so long so typically I take showers at the gym.  Or other places that will not be named.

How do you like sharing a bed?  I don’t mind sharing a bed unless it’s with my brother because he kicks me in the face.

What do you miss most about living in a non moving house?  I miss my cat, uh-oh.


***************as I was interviewing her this song on came on.  This song bring sadness to me ever since I read what the writer was writing about.  He basically would give up everything in his life to be with his father again.  Just another reminder in life that stuff will never more that and your family\friends and the memories you have with them are more important.

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So we got back from Hawaii. I do a Friday and a Monday at work and head to Ferndale for 4th of July. Honestly I would give up living in a van to move to Hawaii. I even asked Tara if she wanted to go to UH. I would move there scope it out then move into a van. It wouldn’t be an RV because I didn’t see any out there. Yesterday I had to borrow lotion cause my skin was peeling, I told her I was losing my Hawaii skin.

4th of July was spent with the Wu’s at their lake house. We stayed the nights in the van but showered and ate in the house. We did Vancouver and Richmond. Birch Bay was nice. Lots of eating and drinking. Casino. Met the Moeleri family. Fireworks were fun. Kevin’s neighbor is not ready to sell her lot which is next to their house. Which I would scoop up in a minute if she was ready to sell.

On Saturday we headed back to Seattle. I grabbed Zach at Kevin’s. At school we proceed to empty Vanessa into Zach (while it had a bike in it). We leave dishes, few books, some electronic cables, tools, van gear in the RV. Safe to say everything we own need fits in the red van. We do have stuff at my parents that we need to go thru. 2 bikes and some “trading” clothes at Christie’s that we need to get. We living light. Haha

I dropped the van at my parents. Then I go to visit Jon and his family at his parents house. Damn I haven’t seen his sister since I was 16. I haven’t seen his parents since 94? I got to hold my God son. Jon and I had beers and talked shit. I was supposed to go with him to Seattle to have dinner with a bunch of other heads that I haven’t seen since the late 90s 00s. I couldn’t do it cause I was beat. I did see Julius (Juice) and Jon on the ferry back to Seattle, good to sit down and chat with these dudes.

We have been house sitting since Saturday. It is a beautiful home on a lake. We are grateful for our buddies Angi/Dan for letting us sit their house. They are taking and 8-9 week trip in their van, BILBO, umm how awesome is that. The sad thing is our van wouldn’t go up their drive way. Hence why we had to empty it. Teren has commandeered the upstairs for bed on a couch with an Xbox. Tara got her license a few weeks ago, so she’s been driving around here and there. Almie has been cooking up a storm at the house. Which is a welcome change from all the take out we have been eating in Hawaii and the 4th of July. I need some Indian food!! From the house, I’ve bike commuted twice 27/28 miles one way. Only done it twice, going one way. I hope to it more to try to get fit and less fat. Haha.

The title is HOMEFULL because it seems where ever we are we make it home. I’ve been called a freeloader, homeless, gypsies and other terms that were given jokingly but I take em as a badge of honor. This Friday July 13th will be 6 months in the van. It has been an amazing adventure and most of the time regular life. Big THANK YOU to anyone that has been a part of it, helped us out, talked to us about it, etc. you know who you are you deserve a big fucking hug.

Who wouldn’t want to travel cross country and internationally in this 

This kid is a fool

Richmond night market sunset 

Waterball games

4th of July 

The ice cream (wo)man is coming!!

Do you think he is excited?

Granville taking artsy pics 

Granville and water

Birch Bay exploration 

Getting bike setup for commute 

Found a dragonfly and let it back out