Lucky enough….

In 3 days we will be leaving our house sitting gig which we have been at for almost 8 weeks. It has been a great time! It marks the ending of the summer. Tara is already back in school. Teren just got back from his month stay in San Diego, he has grown a bit. When he starts school, it will be the same day we go back into the van. We miss Vanessa. We will miss the lake house.

Thank you Dan and Angi for sharing your home, something that none of us will ever forget.

summer time and the living’s easy

Last update was July 13th.  It was has been a whirlwind….

We’ve been house sitting since early July.  Vanessa is parked at my parent’s house.  We miss being in there.  The house on the lake is pretty amazing though.  The house’s occupants are #vanliving thru Canada and many parts of the US as I write.  I will be doing a big road trip like that in my life, when….TBD.

Weekend of July 21-22nd we had a Borromeo cousin reunion.  Fun to see again and meet people of Almie’s past and hopefully future.  Lincoln city, Oregon has cold waters even in the summer.  We ate and drank lots.  Had a good time, enough so that talks of a 2nd annual in San Diego are coming.

A few days after Tara, Teren and I hit the road for San Diego.  We took Zach on his 1st road trip.  Picked up a soccer teammate in Orange County, they got tolls.  We hung at my inlaws for a few days.  Then dropped the soccer players at their hotel. I got to hang at my homeboy Jon’s house for a few days in Escondido.  Only 25 minutes from the soccer fields.  Got to help him pack for his up coming move.  I don’t miss doing that for my own move, it is and was stressful.  Got to hang with Godson, they grow so fast.  I snuck in a ride with Jojo.  So hot but so fun.  Met up Al to try to ride in Temecula but I locked my bike in the van, so we just had a nice breakfast and he showed me around.  While at the soccer games I ran into Tony (if you read this==send me our selfie :), Maeva, Michelle, Katie, Chris, Gee and Gen.  All these beautiful people were part of our 2016 soccer adventure in Philippines.  We left Teren in San Diego for the rest of his summer.  Tara and I hit the road for home.

San Diego to Slab City.  I used to do this drive to El Centro when I lived down there.  The desert landscape is beautiful. Giant rocks moved by nature.  We arrived at Salvation Mountain.  I wasn’t really feeling it cause it was 110F out there.  It is amazing to think someone dedicated a lot of their time to build a mountain that really reference faith, the motto “Jesus I am a sinner , please come upon my body and into my heart” “God is love”.  Got touristy and took lots of pics.  Chatted with the lady that was a docent, I like that word.  We ventured into Slab City.  But really only just on the pavement, didn’t want to risk getting stuck or having issues in the middle of the desert.  You need to go on youtube and search for slab city, there are tons and tons of videos.  It is after all the “last free place in America”.

Got back to Seattle and back to work. Some bike riding. Then more soccer at the girls last tournament of the summer. Now it’s soccer training for high school. Enjoying this weather.  Still love telling folks about the van.  Note to self, “car” battery of the van needs to be started or else it will die if left sitting for more than 3 weeks. Shout out to my dad for getting it charged up.