New season

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since we left our house sitting gig. That was a tough move back to the van move stuff wise. We (some of us) accumulated more stuff than what we had before. Both kids have been back in school, full swing. School work and sports. New teachers new teammates. We all are busy with a bunch of new stuff. Almie got a new job!! My office got relocated and moved to a newly renovated space in Bothell. Almie’s cousin came up to visit and she got to check out the van. We spent Labor Day hanging at my parents house in Bremerton organizing our “storage”. We did an emergency trip 2 days later to grab some of our documents. Hung out with Kevin this past weekend for his bday, drank and ate way too much. Almie got to talk van and life at Anjo’s bday party, too bad I couldn’t make it. Our October house sitting gig got cancelled but our mid September gig is on. During that 2 weeks Tara will be staying with Christy and Ben, she called them her host family, to make her commute to school/soccer easier. Since our gig will be in Lynnwood it will be hitting that Seattle traffic. Today I got a new bike. I traded Almie’s mountain bike and got a gravel bike. I plan to race ‘cross on it. I chatted on email today to a coworker about vanliving. I hope she gets inspired and reaches for her dream of owning a tiny house. We love telling/talking to new people about it. Almie got a chance to meet DeCastro’s neighbors, who have graciously allowed us to park while they go on vacations. Tonight we are staying at a new location! Usually when we hit a new spot you get a little of that uneasy anxious feeling. Not right now, fam is knocked out snoring. The Sy family and Mama Lou are very generous. They even offered to let us stay till next summer!! While it would be too easy to do that, we will keep it moving as to not go off our plan of frequenting the same place for too long to not overstay our welcome. We finally got to try some Salt and Straw ice cream. Part of our window in the back fell off when we driving. Getting a replacement has been a pain in the ass. Hope to get a new window as it’s starting to get colder and rain is coming. We are working on getting a new van. I think Vanessa got mad and decide to “lose” part of the window.

Moving day from my building of 12 years. 🙁

Can you find the missing piece?

She has decided to donate this shirt she got from SU when she was like 10. Congrats child on becoming your HS team captain.

Somewhat organized “storage unit”. Goal is get this way way down by next summer

My little dudes 1st day of 5th grade

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