Descend on Bend

Woah…..tough to put it into words

I thought it was the weekend before and Almie was in San Diego at that time, so I wouldn’t have been able to go as we were house sitting and dog sitting. Which by the way ends tomorrow night. Since the event was this past weekend I asked Fel if we could tag along. Brought Teren and we hitched a ride with Fel and his kid, Xavier, in Ariel that red vanagon.

Hit up Fred Meyer (Wednesday) the night before because we only have 1 sleeping bag, which is in Bremerton. Teren got packed up. Almie helped out with the food. I waited till the last minute. After work, soccer game, bike commute, dinner, shower, you know life….We ended up leaving late Thursday night. Fel drove the 8 hours and the boys slept the whole way. Got in around 6:30am Friday.

Lots of hanging, meeting people, camp fires, bbq, looking at vans, talking vans, listening to live music, watching the kids. So good that it is tough to put into words. You must go for yourself and create your own experience. A bonus was there was no cell service out there. But I got some pictures. Thanks for Fel and X for having us. We looking forward to next year.

Almost packed up to leave

Bathroom break

Walmart for more water!!

Hole in the ground

Stepping out to see the hole

🌚 🌞 [/[/

This van had a piñata of itself that the kids got to beat on
Hot wheels, I’m sure there is a van in there
Fancy tool holder
If your got custom paint, you win at life
Close up. Oregon Coast, other side was Florida palm trees. Repping they migrate.
Custom blocks
Future looks bright
Camp stove winner. Up cycled farm tool made into a wok
No digital games
Wine van

We had running water!!
Dark side of the moon
Keeps the dust down, but also a free shower
Somebody said I should try this
Sets in the West
Hole pics
Starting to gather at the bottom of the hole
Rally down to the hole
Pic doesn’t do this paint job justice
Buses too
Bouncy house VW
This was very boxy, vey nice
Sticker game
Selling of the wares, like a swap meet but cooler
These dudes are happy
Fel and the army of cooks
Night highlight
Crazy kid
Chatting up at the fire
Take a pic of me pretending to sleep. Yeah cool, you know you got lost last night and your mom couldn’t find you cause you were really sleeping on a chair.
End of the road
Thanks Fel and X
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