I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home, Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

In a week I’ll be heading to the Philippines for 10 days of doing what ever. It’s going to be hot and I will like that.

Been busy here on the home front. Tara and her high school team just beat what probably was the best team in the state in 3a soccer. They got a chance to win the state tournament with 2 more games left. Teren started basketball and just finished off flag football. He really likes playing defense. He said it would really be cool if I could tackle..haha. Almie’s new job is in full swing. She travelled, drove to BC, for some meetings which left me 2 days with the kids. I’ve been volunteering at Teren’s school a bunch. It’s kind of fun, but busy.

Last week we parked at Fels for a few days. That was cool to get off our routine a bit. Since our new van is coming I talked to a dealership about selling Vanessa, damn they want to highway robbery me. I’m mostly likely going to sell it on my own. The new van, will be ready for pick up in about a month. Working on getting it insured, these big companies won’t do it. Quote was $1200-1300 a year. Just about what I pay for the RV.

As more and more this life becomes the norm. I’m less and less about pushing it. I don’t even feel like sharing these blog posts out to social media. It’s kind of like when I first started riding bikes I thought everybody should be on a bike. Now I’m like, fine don’t ride bikes, don’t experience the joy of the wind on your face or the bombing of a hill. I’ll keep all that goodness to myself. With the van, I’m like I live in a van and shit is amazing. I would love for you know how awesome it is, but I’m keeping it to myself unless you ask. I still get asks…when I do my excito meter goes off. One of the things I’ve read (from mali.mish) about this life that resonates is that….the simple life doesn’t necessary mean the easy life.

In one of my earlier posts I talked about how some people support it and some of our friends are confused by it. After Almie and I were at a Friendsgiving party this weekend she said the term “hole poker” which is a someone that pokes holes in what ever you are telling them. Makes kind of sense. When I’m telling you what my plans are you should be cool with it and be supportive and not try to poke holes in it. Also at this party talked to a guy that almost died. I asked him what he was doing different since he has a new lease on life, a second chance per se. He told me something he was starting to do, I was like do that shit, enjoy it, life is short. Not a hole was poked by me.

Friendsgiving party

End of flag football team pic

Sunlight cafe moved. I need to go check out their new place.

I really only want to ride my bike. Lunch with mama Lu

HNA ladies getting a talk from the only coach (in blue) that has won state.

Patty found this gem. I’m in the back behind the webs, I dressed up as Messi.

Hello from the other side….

It’s been about a month since the last update. Descend on Bend… still on the brain.

So what’s been up since then. Lots and lots of high school and soccer for Tara. Almie started a new job October 1st. They found out, she told them, she lives in a van. Naturally there were concerns. I made jokes, like “ooh you in trouble, your work found out you live in a van”. All the more reason for her to crush it. Teren has been busy with school, soccer, and some flag football. He got way too much candy for Halloween. I took another turn around the sun. Work had some stressful moments in there, stuff I hadn’t had to deal with in a while, like shit breaking and having to rebuild stuff unplanned. Haven’t had a 21 hour day in a long long time. My body just wouldn’t let me do a 24+ hour. Too old.

Van status?! Today it became a reality our #vanlife with Vanessa is coming to an end when I talked with Nanci, the lady who sold her to us, about possible ways to sell Venessa our home for almost 10 months. As the world turns…the very same day our builder sent us pics of our new van (name tbd). We’ve been parking pretty much the same place for a little over a month. Not part of the plan, but this place gives us mutual benefits for both us and the drive way owners. We really love their family. We do miss our other #vanfamilies though. I should make it a point to park there once in awhile.

Here are pictures from October 2018.

Soccer hommies. We’ve know their family since they were 10yrs old. They hold a special place in our heart.

Water fill. Last days of house sitting gig in Lynnwood.

Teren making faces. Having dinner with his God Sister.

Family van dinner then homework.

Clowning on my volunteer badge pic

Homework and making faces

Almie and Teren on an early morning at the airport headed to San Diego

Making faces with cousin

Checking out the new van

Testing the new toilet

Almie and her grade school BFF

Teren with Tara’s ninang

They tried to steal the bike. Crackheads!!!

Water fill at Joel’s.

New toy. Projector for the new van since it won’t have a tv.

Senior night

School event where kids ride bike around. Some parents from Tara’s class

Trunk or treat at Teren’s school

Horsing around at trunk or treat

Water fill at Safeway

Our new front door

Scary ass pic of your home gutted

Garage and bedroom