Shit just happens for a reason

So in my last post Nov 12 I was just getting ready to head to the Philippines for a little recon. Some friends of ours were planning on moving there and they wanted to check it out 1st hand. Flash back to the day we were leaving. I head to Puyallup to watch Tara’s high school team go 1-0 during the 1st half of the 3A state finals. They lose 2-1. Shit happens like that. As soon as it’s done I rush back to Seattle finish packing and we head to Vancouver to catch a flight.

Really the 10 days in the Philippines were filled with really good food, walking, sun, and getting to know each other better. These are some quality people right there. We 1st met these friends from baseball, he was Teren’s coach. He had two of his kids on the team. Instantly these kids became buds. We talked about how him drafting Teren put us in the position to be in PI together. Shit just happened for a reason.

We also checked out a few schools. Grocery stores. Lots of malls. Met with Donna. Met with a visa guy. I got to finally check out Taal. Hung out with the cousins and the 3 Nava Aunties. Even got to talk to my Auntie in Sweden for a bit, the 4th. RIP to the other 4 uncles. My blood father passes and my family makes it to the US. Imagine if he didn’t what my life would have been like. Reason(s)why shit happens??

Got to give props to Almie for watching our 2 kids and their 3 kids. They had a good time for sure. I’m sure they ate really good since they have a full sized kitchen and Almie went to town. Props to my mom and dad for helping out too. I arrived home Wednesday as she was on a flight to North Carolina with Tara for more soccer that morning. They came home Sunday but Almie had to catch a flight to Calgary. Luckily the flight got there early and we were able to hang out for like 10 minutes. Shit happens like that. She’s back to tomorrow and I can’t wait! Tara’s soccer team, some parents, the coach got heat about van life.

Speaking of van living. We will have had Vanessa a year this coming December 18th. We will have been van dwelling a year come January 13th. I just started pulling up some pics of Vanessa in preparation to sell her, we are about to get our newly converted house/used van. Change is always scary but we crazy family we are will get thru it. Still want to give props to everyone that has let us park, get water, shower, sleep, eat etc etc etc at your house. Love y’all, you know who you are. The reason for the van downsizing has its own reasons, they ain’t bad though.

The homie Tara getting called at the final game. 1st team Metro honors for the season. You played well and grew as a player and as a person.

Me and the homies taking a bamboo bike tour of Intramurous.

Philippines, that traffic though.

Singing sob

Dinner, 2016 the family raved about this place. Big Bad Wolf. 2018 we still raved.

Thanksgiving. Teren’s bday. Almie’s and I anniversary all wrapped in the same day.

Inside the lake with in a lake.

Another view of the inner lake. Thanks nature.

At my Aunties farm, I’m feeling at home here.

Fam dinner 1.

Fam dinner 2.

Almie sends me crazy stuff like this.

FaceTiming while I’m in a mall like that is like Venice in the Philippines.

Halo halo. 3 times at 3 different places. This is #2.

A farmers market/eating market in the middle of a metro.

The homie getting taken to medical before the flight home. She almost passed out right when we getting our luggages scanned.

Seattle fam annual Christmas party.

Miss this chick.

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