Road trip, day 1 recap, destination: Seattle

Well, there you have it folks. We picked up our new rig thanks to the guys at VanCraft, LLC. It’s far from luxurious compared to our last van but I love it. Actually, love it more that VANessa. Why? Because there less moving pieces, no tanks to dump, and just a much smaller space.

We arrived SD Thursday night and spent the weekend with my family. In between fam time, we spent a lot of time in Oceanside getting a few things check out for “To be named van.” Minor issues that were quickly fixed, again, I can’t say enough good things about VanCraft!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – all we did was eat and drink but managed to get one okay run in, it’s better than nothing right? We got everything packed in Tuesday morning and headed out mid-morning to get past SD and LA traffic. Decided to head up highway 1. Super beautiful drive making mental notes of the different places we could potentially move to.

We spent about 7 hours driving only making our way up to Santa Barbara. We found a place to call home for the night which was at the UCSB! They have overnight coastal access parking and it only cost us $4!

So far, day 1 was easy. Slept good. Cracked the vent to have the sound of the shores come through. Woke up to the sunrise. And now working until the next stop.

Here she is! Name TBD!56641465822__42E3CD45-A21C-45F9-9B8A-F98C47611EAA

Christmas Decorations!IMG_5466

Our first set of passengers!IMG_5477

My dad is better than yours! He built us a box for our toilet.IMG_5482


Family pictures!IMG_5487-1

This morning’s sunrise. LOVE.IMG_5530

Hooks for jackets? Nope, it’s for our Christmas stockings. IMG_5532

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