Day 2, 3, 4 and today

I had every intention to update each day but obviously that didn’t happen. It was a good drive overall.


Highway 1 is super amazing. Ocean views and the ocean air, can’t beat that.

UCSB is the place to be; when you live in a van. The coastal access parking made for a very inexpensive stay with the perk of waking up with this view:

Family! Got to spend quality time with the Borromeo side. We will eventually make our way back to SoCal.

Pismo Beach State Park and Campgrounds had some pretty nice showers. Hot showers, enough said!

The new van drives way more like a car compared to our big van. I like it. Driving and parking it is super easy. We did have a slight oopsie when the check engine light came on! Googled the closest auto store and bought a code reader…it was the glow plugs which apparently is a common thing that comes up. And the guys at Vancraft gave the okay to continue driving.

Spent our last night on the road here:

It was good to have a place to charge our battery pack and of course a hot shower 🚿

We’re almost to our final stop…Bremerton and the kids! Glad we will be together for Xmas eve. Even more glad he survived 5 days on the road with me.

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