Down but not out

First of all happy new year!!! Today is Saturday 1/5/2019.

So we got the new van home (my parents house) on December 23. We spent most of the 24th loading it up. Christmas day the 4 of us hopped on a plane to San Francisco. We spent an awesome 10 days there. Being tourists, eating too good, walking, ice skating, hanging with the Mahoney’s and generally having a good time! Had some good weather had some cold weather.

We got home Thursday, back to my parents house. Look inside the van and Almie notices the sheets are wet. We have a leak! We spend most of the day getting everything out we loaded in. Drying out the clothes and sheets. We tarped the van. Fretting the whole time. Since the kids have school Monday we decided to park the van. We can’t get a professional to reseal the areas where the leak is probably coming from for another 2 weeks. It seems that all RV owners are servicing them during winter when they are mostly not being used. So ships are busy.

Our buddies Sy-Wu fam are putting us up in their basement for a few weeks. For this we are grateful.

Once the van is professionally fixed we will be back in. I could do it myself but would rather have it done right and I also don’t have a covered space. So we are down for a like a 6 count but will get up and aren’t out of the fight. Hahaha

Tara said one day she would like to live in her own van. I said be ready for any and everything. On that note here some SF pics and sad van pics.


Moving day

Bremerton to Seattle with pretty much just the necessary

Assist by homie Niall

San Fran Chinatown, outdoor drying

Morning run with an angel


Dual citizenship achieved

Street art dinner

Elks Club with cousin Camille

Elks club swimming

Waiting in line for Brenda’s cafe

Tree at Union Square


New Years Eve at the pier

NYE ice skating

Full House stuff


Chinatown is cool and has lots of art

Almie made the news!!

Ice cream museum

UC Berkeley tour

I miss riding bikes

Mahoney’s and Shelton’s

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