Vanniversary, year 1

So a year ago today we said goodbye to our townhouse of 10 years. It’s the only house that Teren has ever known. We all “grew” up there. That night we moved into our small RV/big van, Vanessa Hudgens. I remember we didn’t even have running water yet because we did not know how to dewinterize her. We stayed our first couple of nights at an RV park. It was all so new.

After our little stint at the RV park we proceeded to driveway surf at our friend’s/family’s driveways/streets…Angulo’s, Cari’s, DeCastro’s, Jolly’s, Rigel’s, Rimando’s, Pajimula’s, Shelton’s, Sy’s, Wojick’s. So thankful for y’all for allowing us to invade your spaces. We had 3 awesome house sitting opportunities at Jolly’s, Kogan’s/Chan’s and Pan’s. A road trip to San Francisco with the Vanessa. Almies triathalon in Canada, we should of brought the van! Summer soccer vacation in Hawaii. Road trip in our little red van, visited San Diego and Salavation mountain. Thanksgiving for me in Philippines. Our recent trip to pick up our new van and then our family vacation (minus vans) in San Francisco. Safe to say it has been a constant state of change and movement. Some call it adventure. To me this is what I call life.

Update on the van. So we have been at Wu-Sy house for the past 8 days. I picked up the van the other day from Bremerton and drove it to Portland to have some van guys look at the leak. They resealed it. We tested it the day after, still leaking. Safe to say it’s been a horrible start with the new van. But like all things, they got a silver lining. We got to stay at my folk’s house for longer than planned. We got to stay with Wu-Sy and it has been great.

“Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think…it’s like rain on your wedding day.” I’m giving my vannivery story and I ain’t livin’ in a van. Top that off a few hours ago we decided to stay at a buddies basement apartment for the next 5 months. Why 5? Cause it’s less than six. Some 7 minute abs shit right there. Nah really, I do not know when the leak will be resolved. Honestly my heart hurts a bit cause I know my home is right outside and I can’t live in it. Really living a mobile lifestyle allows me to do ALL of this. We chose this life. So as of today we chose something else because we are fluid like a water leak. Hahaha

Some random pics for the year.

Robot cleaning as we get closer to moving out

I think these were the last pics taken at the townhouse

Angulo taking pics of Vanessa outside while walking his dog

Fresh clip, looking hot in the van

That one time I got gout while in the van

Road tripping back to SEA from SF

Teren got really sick so we decided to live the suite life

That one time Almie tattooed the side of the van

Vanlife is bananas

That one time I locked the keys in the van

Lake house but we slept in the van. Good times

Tri packing


Lakake falls

We bout that night market

I almost sold this bike, but’s it’s too good plus it matches the van

Parked at my parents while we out vacation


That one time we lost a window

That one time we almost bought a vandoit

That one time we bought a van-craft

Descend on bend, next time I would like to go with my own van

Beauty that is PHI

New van interiors

Last pic of Vanessa. The night I left her to be sold

Road trip home stopped by and saw these big guys/gals

Kids visiting the townhouse and the tree we planted a bit 4 years ago

Where is the leak?????

Drying out

God brothers and sister. Taken today a few hours after committing to a basement apartment. What’s in store for the us and the van life. Who knows. Like sand thru an hourglass these are the days of lives

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