what a year, is it over yet? i kid

so…we have been lacking in posts. the last post was a recap of 2019. shortly after that there was a volcano in the philippines. then a few months later there was the pandemic.

the gang (almie, tara, terem) are still holding strong in the cavite, phi while terence is back and forth between manila and seattle. this will continue for several years until it doesn’t.

earlier this year we also bought a house. it’s in the process of being built. pandemic slowed down construction. while we love we are staying now, it doesn’t totally feel like our home. this purchases solidifies our decision to call the land of our birth (almie and terence) our permanent home base. as hommie put it “putting down roots”.

we’ve flown by the seat of our pants most of our lives but in a thought out manner. kind of calculated chaos. but it’s worked out so far. so the last time i was home i was like we should start a business as i noticed a bike shop that i had been going to was a franchise. almie checked into franchises which lead us to cycle house. so the objective is to open a bicycle\motorcycle parts and service shop in the next 4-6 weeks. once this takes off it will eventually take over the international working.

is this a van blog? sup with the vans? a little recap. after living out of vanessa for a year in 2018, she ended up being put for sale early 2019 but dealership didn’t winterize her. she was setup to be rented spring of 19′ in san francisco till a bunch of water issues came up from dealerships mistake. we ended up buying big boy (now named chariot) at end of 2018 to downsize vans. but in that time we decided to move overseas. big boy ended being rented in 2019. i had a good experience and decided to get another van. the van i really wanted, a van do it. it arrived november 2019. wanted to rent this one out too, but the pandemic came thru. the red van was supposed to get modified with rooftop tent and cabinets inside but the pandemic. so we have 4 vans, yes 4 vans??!! 3 rent out now. the 4th should be rented sometime soon, but right now for it is good for a cot with your mountain bike inside type of camping. the van business is cool i absolutely love sharing experiences with people and they get a taste of van life, living small, and camp fires.

stay safe all. remember somebody out there cares about you. if you can’t find them, reach out to us. we can fix that.

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