House stuff

Yesterday Almie had a 2nd round in the closet cleanup. I listed a few cycling wind-vests on eBay. I started a Poshmark account and listed a sneaker head book.

Showed Tara the serenity. She was digging it and was ok with going to visit a dealership this weekend. She actually texted it to her buddy to show what it was like.

Getting ready to cleanup/fix the house. Found these guys to fix up the carpet that the cat messed up. John’s Carpet repair, highly recommend them.

Carpet after:

Carpet before:

Vegas size revelation

On Saturday Mike and I went go to an RV dealership while the girls where gambling. I saw travato that was listed at 65k. Turns out they are priced that low because they are part of their rental fleet. Rentals are not very nice looking.

The revelation. Size B is going to be too small for 4 of us.

We also checked out a hymer activ, it too was small, being that it was a class B.  Looked at some class Cs, thanks to Mike’s recommendation.  Apparently they go from 24′ to 31′, any longer they become class A.

A lot of this weekend was researching class b+ and class C. The one that comes up to the top of the list is Leisure serenity

Here is a used class c from 2014 with slideouts. It was pretty huge!


Almie and I are in Vegas so she can do a rock and roll run. Jill and Mike are here with us. It’s fun telling your friends about what’s about to go down.

The selling and purging will have to be on hold for the next couple of days.  I put my paper shredder on Buy Nothing, I’m going to miss that thing.  I’m spending some time reading some blogs of families in RVs.  Looks like most of them are full time traveling and using a bigger rig like a class A or 5th wheel.

I saw a comment on a FB post in the Hymer Activ group about somebody saw one Vegas. Almost tempted to go and check it out. But I should stay to my designated schedule of being a Sherpa and cheerleader these next few days.



the things

we don’t have a ton of stuff to start with. we’ve been for the most part pretty lean with what we own with the exception of our bikes, maybe shoes and legos.

it is kinda fun to go through our things and find treasures like this:

i mean, look at us. who are we?

i’m not entirely sure why:

1. i decided it was ok to wear overalls

2. and to wear a turtleneck under the overalls

3. kangol? who bought this? I know 100% neither t or i did. or maybe?

4. the stache

5. take a picture? and who took it?

this is going in the storage pile. for sure.

on the flipside, we had a quick discussion about this:

a framed watercolor painting of the kids i had our friend and artist, darvin vida, draw for terence’s 30th birthday. i would like to keep it and somehow make it work in our new home but it’s not practical. terence said he’s okay with parting with it and perhaps having his mom keep it, i was a bit sad, torn if anything…i mean it was a present i gave him and it’s our kids.

getting rid of these type of things are going to be harder than i thought.


it’s been top of mind somewhat but what do we do with uh-oh, our cat?

both kids were pretty adamant about keeping her. to quote little teren, “she’s part of our family.”


well, for one…the cat box. no need for further explanation here.

second, she could potentially rip up the upholstery and that would be horrible.

third, will she be happy?