A little glimpse into our lives

So we bought our 1st van (Vanessa Hudgens) December 18th 2017. Drove that baby home from Missouri. On January 13th 2018 we proceeded to live in it full time. Well than van is now for sale at a dealership and we just picked up our new van (name TBD). I’m going to miss Vanessa. I run a Argo Riolink for a sense of security. It has captured some of daily life adventures. Overall theme here is dishes. Lots of dirty dishes. Living in a small space you sacrifice your automated dishwasher. Also pictured is us wearing jackets as most of the pictures are from Pacific NW in the winter/spring time. Some of the pics you can see where we have parked, I cherish those locations too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May 2019 bring you joy and happiness but above all this I wish you love and I will always love you. Haha.

Day 2, 3, 4 and today

I had every intention to update each day but obviously that didn’t happen. It was a good drive overall.


Highway 1 is super amazing. Ocean views and the ocean air, can’t beat that.

UCSB is the place to be; when you live in a van. The coastal access parking made for a very inexpensive stay with the perk of waking up with this view:

Family! Got to spend quality time with the Borromeo side. We will eventually make our way back to SoCal.

Pismo Beach State Park and Campgrounds had some pretty nice showers. Hot showers, enough said!

The new van drives way more like a car compared to our big van. I like it. Driving and parking it is super easy. We did have a slight oopsie when the check engine light came on! Googled the closest auto store and bought a code reader…it was the glow plugs which apparently is a common thing that comes up. And the guys at Vancraft gave the okay to continue driving.

Spent our last night on the road here:

It was good to have a place to charge our battery pack and of course a hot shower 🚿

We’re almost to our final stop…Bremerton and the kids! Glad we will be together for Xmas eve. Even more glad he survived 5 days on the road with me.


Road trip, day 1 recap, destination: Seattle

Well, there you have it folks. We picked up our new rig thanks to the guys at VanCraft, LLC. It’s far from luxurious compared to our last van but I love it. Actually, love it more that VANessa. Why? Because there less moving pieces, no tanks to dump, and just a much smaller space.

We arrived SD Thursday night and spent the weekend with my family. In between fam time, we spent a lot of time in Oceanside getting a few things check out for “To be named van.” Minor issues that were quickly fixed, again, I can’t say enough good things about VanCraft!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday – all we did was eat and drink but managed to get one okay run in, it’s better than nothing right? We got everything packed in Tuesday morning and headed out mid-morning to get past SD and LA traffic. Decided to head up highway 1. Super beautiful drive making mental notes of the different places we could potentially move to.

We spent about 7 hours driving only making our way up to Santa Barbara. We found a place to call home for the night which was at the UCSB! They have overnight coastal access parking and it only cost us $4!

So far, day 1 was easy. Slept good. Cracked the vent to have the sound of the shores come through. Woke up to the sunrise. And now working until the next stop.

Here she is! Name TBD!56641465822__42E3CD45-A21C-45F9-9B8A-F98C47611EAA

Christmas Decorations!IMG_5466

Our first set of passengers!IMG_5477

My dad is better than yours! He built us a box for our toilet.IMG_5482


Family pictures!IMG_5487-1

This morning’s sunrise. LOVE.IMG_5530

Hooks for jackets? Nope, it’s for our Christmas stockings. IMG_5532

Shit just happens for a reason

So in my last post Nov 12 I was just getting ready to head to the Philippines for a little recon. Some friends of ours were planning on moving there and they wanted to check it out 1st hand. Flash back to the day we were leaving. I head to Puyallup to watch Tara’s high school team go 1-0 during the 1st half of the 3A state finals. They lose 2-1. Shit happens like that. As soon as it’s done I rush back to Seattle finish packing and we head to Vancouver to catch a flight.

Really the 10 days in the Philippines were filled with really good food, walking, sun, and getting to know each other better. These are some quality people right there. We 1st met these friends from baseball, he was Teren’s coach. He had two of his kids on the team. Instantly these kids became buds. We talked about how him drafting Teren put us in the position to be in PI together. Shit just happened for a reason.

We also checked out a few schools. Grocery stores. Lots of malls. Met with Donna. Met with a visa guy. I got to finally check out Taal. Hung out with the cousins and the 3 Nava Aunties. Even got to talk to my Auntie in Sweden for a bit, the 4th. RIP to the other 4 uncles. My blood father passes and my family makes it to the US. Imagine if he didn’t what my life would have been like. Reason(s)why shit happens??

Got to give props to Almie for watching our 2 kids and their 3 kids. They had a good time for sure. I’m sure they ate really good since they have a full sized kitchen and Almie went to town. Props to my mom and dad for helping out too. I arrived home Wednesday as she was on a flight to North Carolina with Tara for more soccer that morning. They came home Sunday but Almie had to catch a flight to Calgary. Luckily the flight got there early and we were able to hang out for like 10 minutes. Shit happens like that. She’s back to tomorrow and I can’t wait! Tara’s soccer team, some parents, the coach got heat about van life.

Speaking of van living. We will have had Vanessa a year this coming December 18th. We will have been van dwelling a year come January 13th. I just started pulling up some pics of Vanessa in preparation to sell her, we are about to get our newly converted house/used van. Change is always scary but we crazy family we are will get thru it. Still want to give props to everyone that has let us park, get water, shower, sleep, eat etc etc etc at your house. Love y’all, you know who you are. The reason for the van downsizing has its own reasons, they ain’t bad though.

The homie Tara getting called at the final game. 1st team Metro honors for the season. You played well and grew as a player and as a person.

Me and the homies taking a bamboo bike tour of Intramurous.

Philippines, that traffic though.

Singing sob

Dinner, 2016 the family raved about this place. Big Bad Wolf. 2018 we still raved.

Thanksgiving. Teren’s bday. Almie’s and I anniversary all wrapped in the same day.

Inside the lake with in a lake.

Another view of the inner lake. Thanks nature.

At my Aunties farm, I’m feeling at home here.

Fam dinner 1.

Fam dinner 2.

Almie sends me crazy stuff like this.

FaceTiming while I’m in a mall like that is like Venice in the Philippines.

Halo halo. 3 times at 3 different places. This is #2.

A farmers market/eating market in the middle of a metro.

The homie getting taken to medical before the flight home. She almost passed out right when we getting our luggages scanned.

Seattle fam annual Christmas party.

Miss this chick.

I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home, Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

In a week I’ll be heading to the Philippines for 10 days of doing what ever. It’s going to be hot and I will like that.

Been busy here on the home front. Tara and her high school team just beat what probably was the best team in the state in 3a soccer. They got a chance to win the state tournament with 2 more games left. Teren started basketball and just finished off flag football. He really likes playing defense. He said it would really be cool if I could tackle..haha. Almie’s new job is in full swing. She travelled, drove to BC, for some meetings which left me 2 days with the kids. I’ve been volunteering at Teren’s school a bunch. It’s kind of fun, but busy.

Last week we parked at Fels for a few days. That was cool to get off our routine a bit. Since our new van is coming I talked to a dealership about selling Vanessa, damn they want to highway robbery me. I’m mostly likely going to sell it on my own. The new van, will be ready for pick up in about a month. Working on getting it insured, these big companies won’t do it. Quote was $1200-1300 a year. Just about what I pay for the RV.

As more and more this life becomes the norm. I’m less and less about pushing it. I don’t even feel like sharing these blog posts out to social media. It’s kind of like when I first started riding bikes I thought everybody should be on a bike. Now I’m like, fine don’t ride bikes, don’t experience the joy of the wind on your face or the bombing of a hill. I’ll keep all that goodness to myself. With the van, I’m like I live in a van and shit is amazing. I would love for you know how awesome it is, but I’m keeping it to myself unless you ask. I still get asks…when I do my excito meter goes off. One of the things I’ve read (from mali.mish) about this life that resonates is that….the simple life doesn’t necessary mean the easy life.

In one of my earlier posts I talked about how some people support it and some of our friends are confused by it. After Almie and I were at a Friendsgiving party this weekend she said the term “hole poker” which is a someone that pokes holes in what ever you are telling them. Makes kind of sense. When I’m telling you what my plans are you should be cool with it and be supportive and not try to poke holes in it. Also at this party talked to a guy that almost died. I asked him what he was doing different since he has a new lease on life, a second chance per se. He told me something he was starting to do, I was like do that shit, enjoy it, life is short. Not a hole was poked by me.

Friendsgiving party

End of flag football team pic

Sunlight cafe moved. I need to go check out their new place.

I really only want to ride my bike. Lunch with mama Lu

HNA ladies getting a talk from the only coach (in blue) that has won state.

Patty found this gem. I’m in the back behind the webs, I dressed up as Messi.